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xdontxyouxwish's Journal

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1 August 1984
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hi. i'm madison. *waves*

nice to meet you.
a kiss before leaving, american eagle, anderson cooper, arrested development, backstreet boys, barefeet, barnes & noble, being kissed awake, bill clinton, blowing kisses, blushing, boys, brandon boyd, bubbles, butterfly kisses, california, catcher in the rye, chad myers, cheesy romantic things, chipotle, chuck taylors, cloud watching, cnn, colbert report, cuddling, cute guys, daily show, daisies, daydreaming, degrassi, disney movies, disneyland, dogs, drawing, drinking, drummers, east of eden, er, erica hill, fairy tales, fireworks, flip flops, flirting, friends, guys, guys with guitars, harry potter, holding hands, hugs, ice cream, incubus, j.d. salinger, james dean, james madison, jason mraz, john cusack, john mayer, johnny depp, jon stewart, judy garland, kissing, laughing, lemonade, licking, lip gloss, low rise jeans, magazines, make-up, making out, marilyn monroe, marlon brando, mixed cds, movies, music, my friends, people watching, photography, piercings, pinky promises, pirates of the carribean, pizza, post-its, quotes, rainbows, rainy days, rebel without a cause, road trips, rob marciano, sanjay gupta, saved by the bell, say anything, sex and the city, shooting stars, skateboarding, skirts, sleep, slr cameras, smiling, stand by me, star gazing, starbucks, stars, stephen colbert, string cheese, sublime, sunset, taking over the world, the beach, the daily show, the moon, the shore, tiaras, true love, us history, us presidents, vanity fair magazine, victorias secret, wishes, world of warcraft, writing, ★bucks,

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